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Kate Kilgarth, yearning for passion and excitement far from her country village, refuses to marry her childhood best friend, Lord Laurence. But Kate finds excitement right on her doorstep. Lord Broughton has returned from abroad to restore the partly burnt-out Broughton Hall, reigniting an old mystery.
When Kate overhears two plotters, she is determined to save Broughton Hall from murderous foes. She cannot count on Laurie’s help. He has become quite stuffy since he left Cambridge. But can she trust Lord Broughton? And why has the beautiful Frenchwoman, Angelique, come to stay at the Hall?
As Kate falls headlong into love, she risks far more than she intended.

Featured in the Passionate Promises anthology.

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This is an exceptional romance that is full of action, adventure, and danger. Set at a fast pace, this tale carries you through the twists and turns and keeps you intrigued with the adventure that Kate is going through. The author did a fabulous job with character build up and steady dialog. This reader was really impressed with the way this romance has another romance going on but took nothing away from Kate’s story. A very energetic and fun read.
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GoodReads Review: Intrigue at its finest. Two couples who have their pasts intertwined, will they find what they seek and come out together? Two childhood best friends, when one starts to want more what is a girl to do but head to the ton and make her debut? But when she stumbles against a plot to betray England she puts her life on the line, will she be able to stop the plot and keep her friendship or will things go from bad to worse. Definitely a good romance with a bit of intrigue.


Stirring Passions by Maggi Andersen
Double your reading pleasure! Two love stories overlap in this book! Best friends since childhood, Laurie and Kat find themselves in a dangerous game of espionage. Lots of twists and turns and romance will keep you reading well into the early hours of the morning!


Laurie’s eyes narrowed. “Where are you going, Kat?”

Kate unfurled her fan and raised her eyebrows as his mother came to her rescue.

“Really, Laurence, I thought we taught you better manners. You never ask a lady such a thing,” she said. “Please let Katherine go. Come and sit with me, Laurence, and talk to Lady Forrester.”

Laurie glowered at Kate as his mother led him away. Kate chose that moment to slip from the room. She had glanced in every door when they arrived and surmised Sir Harold’s study would be on the floor above. There was no one about as she climbed the stairs. The first room she came to brought a gasp of amazement. It had to be Sir Harold’s bedroom. Above the bed, purple silk draperies burst forth from an enormous crest of ostrich feathers and cascaded to the floor. Kate gazed at the stunning arrangement then seized a candle and fled through another door. This room was obviously the gentleman’s study. Ignoring the door that must open onto the corridor, she hurried over to the desk covered in reams of paper. With a quick glance over her shoulder, she searched through them with no idea of what she sought. Most related to government business, and others were tradesmen’s bills. All seemed perfectly above board, and there was nothing to confirm her suspicions. Surely, Sir Harold wouldn’t leave anything of that nature about for the servants to see. Despondent, she opened one of the desk drawers. A pistol lay inside, plus a set of keys. She turned to survey the rest of the long room, and her attention was drawn to a painting that hung above the fireplace. It was a depiction of Judith holding Holofernes’ bloody head in her hands. Both repelled and fascinated, Kate, snatched up the candle and walked over to it. She discovered a wooden safe behind a painted screen. Surely one of the keys in the drawer would fit it. It was too late to do anything now; she had been gone too long. Her absence would soon be noticed. She headed back through the bedroom door, just as Sir Harold walked in.

“I didn’t expect to find such an adornment in my bedroom, Miss Kilgarth,” he said, crossing the room to her.

“I came in search of a mirror, Sir Harold,” Kate said. “My curls needed attention.” She moved to go around him.

His hand on her arm stopped her. “You’re a perfect angel. You’ve no need of mirrors, Katherine.” He bent toward her, his voice husky. A shiver ran down her spine.

“There you are, Kat. You’ve been an age, and you did promise me another game before we left.” Laurie stood in the doorway. Kate hurried over to him. She’d never been so glad to see him.

The rest of the evening passed without incident. Mercifully, Laurie didn’t have any opportunity to lecture her. Relieved, Kate retired to bed, her mind grappling with how to go back and open the safe.

She’d just settled her head on the pillow when the bedroom door opened. A figure stood highlighted by the flickering candles in the sconces behind him.

“Kat, are you awake?”

“For goodness sake. You’ll get us into the worst trouble,” she said. “Come in and shut the door.”

Laurie closed the door behind him, plunging the room into darkness. The bed moved as he sat on it. “Best not light the candle,” he whispered. He was so close his breath feathered her hair. An edge deepened his voice. “What were you up to in Sir Harold’s bedroom?”

“I had a quick look around, but I didn’t find anything.” For some reason, she found it difficult to breathe. What was wrong with her? It was only Laurie.