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At The Earl's Convenience red AMAZON LARGE


Against her better instincts, heiress, Miss Selena Wakefield, accepts Giles Devereux, Earl of Halcrow’s offer of marriage. The handsome earl admits he must marry for money, as he needs to save his crumbling estate, Halcrow Hall, and produce an heir.
When Giles resigns his commission in the army while England is at war, members of the ton cut him.
The earl has a rakish reputation, and Selena fears she may be leaving her calm, organized life for one of disorder and heartbreak. But she never expected what lay ahead.


What a story! Selena has no idea what she is in store for when she agrees to marry Giles as convenience. On their wedding night he disappears and comes back some weeks later I’ll and bruised. Where he had gone she has no clue.

When she returns from a visit with her sister, he is gone again and she decides to search for him. What she comes up with does not sit well with her, all avenues point to him being a spy, but she cannot believe it. Is it possible that the man she has fallen hopelessly in love with, could be a spy?

Fun plot, rich characters!
The author did a wonderful job developing the two main characters and showing their growth, even in this shorter length book. I loved how she focused on both Giles and Selina, and I really felt that their transformations were believable, particularly in his case. They were well rounded, sympathetic characters, and I felt their relationship grow as the book went on, through many plot twists. To me the test of a good book is whether the characters stand out to you and whether you miss them when you are through–they do, and I do. Finally, I loved the descriptions of the house, the renovations and how it transformed. A nice read, would recommend.
Very well written and i loved the story very much
If you like a good romance novel, then this book will be right up your alley, i liked this one from the start and it was a very god story to this one. The characters were great in the story and seem to compliment the book very well



“Don’t think I’ll live with you without the pleasures of the marriage bed,” he warned, breaking into her thoughts.
“Oh! Do hush, my lord.” Her face grew hot and she glanced around. Another couple stood not far away but seemed engrossed in their own conversation.
“I wanted to make that plain.”
She suppressed a shiver of anticipation as his strong, agile body leaned toward her. She found herself wondering what he looked like naked, the feel of his skin, the muscles and bones beneath. The tautness of a male body against the softness of hers. It made her hot to think about it. She swallowed. “Then ask me properly.” Had she gone mad? This was a recipe for a broken heart if ever there was one.