The Heir’s Proposal


A 20th Century wartime Historical Romance!


Deep down inside herself, Addie knew what she desired from life. She must find the courage to take it.

Seven Oaks, Kent, England, 1911.
Lady Adelaide Sherringham has lived at Langley all her life. Her father, the earl is ill, and when he dies, the next male in line, a distant relative and the companion of her childhood, Bryce Chedworth, will inherit the vast Langley estate. Addie knows Bryce will be good for Langley. He loves it as much as she does. It is a balm for the deep ache she feels for what is soon to come. The tragic loss of her beloved father and her cherished home.
But war is looming, and Addy knows it will bring great change to England. She cannot conceive of the direction life will then take her.
Her father urges her to marry Bryce, but Addie refuses. It is the most noble thing she can do, and the one thing she must deny her father.

Before Bryce leaves England, he plans to marry Addie and leave her safe at Langley. But Addie turns him down. She has another suitor and it’s not merely jealousy that troubles Bryce. Monty Corvair has a past. He is not the right man for Addie. And worse, Bryce and Monty are to undertake a dangerous mission behind enemy lines. What if only one of them makes it back? And it’s not Bryce.

This excellent novella really brings to life the reality and changes of war. Maggi Andersen writes beautifully and engages the reader with charming characters and a colorful plot. Award winning historical author, AnneMarie Brear.

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