She wants the truth, but it may cost her more than she thinks…

An ex-patriot-American living in England, magazine reporter/editor Casey Rowan wakes to find one best friend murdered and another seriously injured. Casey is determined to find the killer, despite running afoul of the detective in charge of the case—a blue-eyed Scot named Rod Carlisle, who considers her a prime suspect. As Casey gets closer to the truth, losing her heart to the sexy cop isn’t the only thing she risks. Now her life is danger, too.

He wants her, but he may have to choose between love and duty…

Rod has no patience with civilians who interfere in police matters, even hot little numbers like Casey. Though he tries to keep things professional, Casey’s beauty and spunk are hard to resist. He warns her that what she’s doing is dangerous, but he only succeeds in alienating her. She refuses to listen and goes off on her own with disastrous results. Now Rod’s in a race to find the killer before the woman he loves becomes the next victim.

Detective Inspector Rod Carlisle, a man from whom any red-blooded woman would be more than happy to raise their arms and receive a personal pat down.” TAYLOR JONES

Semi-finalist Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest

Enjoy an Excerpt:


Casey woke from a brief, exhausted sleep to the sound of a kettle whistling and pulled the sheet up over her naked body. Just then, Rod came around the corner holding two steaming mugs.

He’d already dressed in his suit. “Good morning. Tea?”

“Oh, great, thanks.” She took the mug, suffering a pang of disappointment. He had to leave. He sat down beside her on the sofa bed, a frown forming between his brows. By staying over, she had broken one of her cardinal rules. This was a time to stay calm and rational. She was anything but and drank her tea too fast. It burned her throat. “I’ll be off when I finish this,” she said in a strangled voice.

“I just had a call from Middlemoor. My super’s getting restless.”

“Any new developments?”

“No. That’s the trouble.” He changed his mug of tea to his left hand and, with his right, traced an imaginary line from below her ear down to where she held the sheet up to her chest. “You were wonderful last night. And I don’t just mean—” He paused and indicated the bed behind her. “—all this.”

You were very nice yourself, but surely it’s not playing fair when you’re dressed, and I’m caught like this,” she protested. “Why didn’t you wake me?”

“I liked watching you sleep. You do wonders for my dreary flat.”

I’ll get dressed.” She put down the mug and released a leg from its entrapment in the folds of the sheet, trying for a dignified exit to the bathroom.

“Casey Rowan, those legs.” Rod put down his mug with a clatter and reached for her, his eyes passionate and urgent, just as his mobile rang. “I’ll be there in ten.” He rang off and put the mobile in his pocket. “Damn.” He took her hand in his big warm one. “How about tonight?”

Casey shook her head. In her fragile state, she could become overwhelmed by him. She needed space, time to consider her actions, and get a handle on reality. “I’m taking the train back to Richmond. I have to pick up the threads.”

Rod groaned. “I’ll be stuck down here for a while. Call me when you’re back again and make that soon.”

“You’d better go—no sense in putting your boss offside. Don’t worry—I’ll see myself out.”

She kissed him. He didn’t want to leave any more than she wanted him to.

Finally, he forced himself off the bed and out the door.



An ex-patriot-American living in England, magazine reporter Casey Rowan wakes to find one best friend murdered and another seriously injured. Casey is determined to find the killer, despite running afoul of the
Maggi Andersen’s Murder In Devon is a great mysterious murderous suspense story that will instantly capture you with the prologue and hold you until the very last page. From start to finish, you get the thrills of mystery and twists of suspense as you follow the English detectives and Casey on a ride of who-dun-it’s and why are they still wanting to do it to Casey.
After a breakup in America that left Casey Rowan down and depressed, she returned to England to stay with her two best friends, Don and Tessa. What she found the next morning was not something anyone should ever have to encounter. One friend dead, and another rushed to the hospital to be saved, Casey can’t understand who or why someone would do this to her loving best friends. After a breakup like she had and now this, what’s next for this journalist?
Detective Chief Inspector Rod Carlisle enters the picture and can’t help but wonder why Casey is really there. And, piecing pieces to the puzzle together, he can’t help but think of her as the only person capable at the time of murdering her best friend. Was it a murderous love triangle? Was it jealousy? What caused her best friend to be murdered and another left for dead? And why can’t he stop feeling the attraction to the beautiful journalist?
Casey won’t stop until she knows who killed her best friend and left her other one for dead. Even when her life is threatened and she becomes a target. Will her attraction to the handsome Scotsman detective help her……or hinder her?
This was definitely one that I highly recommend to all who love a great murder mystery! With twists, turns and romance, this book will keep you captivated and on the edge of your seat! Well done, Ms. Andersen!
Reviews by Molly

“From the chilling scenes in the country house I was hooked. The author is very skilled in painting vivid scenes and crafting well-rounded characters. I especially loved the lead protagonist Casey Rowan, a heroine as capable as she is headstrong. The relationship between her and Rod was masterfully handled. Murder in Devon is a real page-turner that successfully walks the line between romance and suspense.”
Amazon reader

“There is a nice romance between Rod and Casey. The first time they consummate their relationship, it’s a short but hot scene. After that, their time together is more implied. While I would have liked a little more sizzle in the later scenes, it certainly didn’t take away from my total enjoyment of this novel. The plot was solid and well thought out.

I don’t know what the author’s intentions are, but I would like to see another story or two involving Rod and Casey. Their chemistry is good and I think they’d be a fun and entertaining crime solving duo.

I would definitely recommend this book, especially if you are a fan of murder mysteries. The author keeps you guessing until the end.”
Amazon Reader