Dutiful daughter Faith Baxendale just wants to please. Faith isn’t as adventurous as her younger sister, Hope, gadding about the Continent with their aunt, nor as rebellious as her elder sister, Honor, who planned to become a card sharp. And Faith couldn’t lose herself in her art like sixteen-year-old, Charity. Even Mercy, at fourteen, shows more backbone!
After Faith’s first Season ends, her father urges her to marry the man of his choice. But when Lord Vaughn Winborne, a neighbor Faith had a crush on while still in the schoolroom, arrives home for the Brandreth’s hunt ball, surprising even to herself, Faith is drawn again towards a man her father would never consider.
The youngest Brandreth male, Vaughn, is the black sheep of the family. His elder brother, Chaloner, Marquess of Brandreth, still looks upon him as a reckless youth, and Vaughn is determined to prove him wrong.
A chance comes in the form of a scandal not of Vaughn’s making, and he must learn to trust Faith, who, when all’s said and done, has always known her own mind.

Review: Ms. Andersen captivates with her tale of intrigue and chivalry as Vaughn rescues not one, but two ladies in distress. Nothing is more delightful than a knight in shining armor! This is not a mere tryst but a love affair for the ages, meant to remind readers that true love is out there and meant to be attained. The plot twists are spot on and the characters provide the right amount of attitude to keep the entertainment level high. This is a tale to be remembered, as it sparks all the right notes to meet the standards of romantic inspiration and intrigue.
Penelope Anne Bartotto (InD'Tale Magazine.)

Review: Andersen writes a lovely character: full of heart and emotion with some growth to discover their true selves and feelings as they work their way through obvious and not so obvious obstacles. Secondary characters add depth and contrast, while a touch of humor and insets of description and etiquette obeyed or flaunted keep the story firmly grounded in its time.

Praise for Maggi Andersen


THE RELUCTANT MARQUESS : "Readers will love the delightful tale of love in an arranged marriage. As troubles buffet the new couple and their love is tested, readers will be rooting for them to make it through. Entertainment At Its Best—A Quick And Charming Story!"- RT BOOK REVIEWS

THE FOLLY AT FALCONBRIDGE HALL: The author deserves high praise for her ability to capture the reader's attention and engage one in both the mystery and the romance of this delightful story!" -Margaret Faria InD’Tale Magazine

A BARON IN HER BED : Andersen’s first Spies of Mayfair novel is a romance that shows the darker aspect of the Regency. There is a nice mystery, with some captivating secondary characters, plenty of action and a hero and heroine that play well off each other."  -RT BOOK REVIEWS

LADY HONOR'S DEBT - The Baxendale sisters Series, Book One. "This reader looks forward to reading the next installment in this delightful series."  Belinda Wilson, InD'Tale Magazine.

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