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Lady Charity Baxendale has long dreamed of becoming a renowned portrait painter. After two significant commissions from esteemed family members, a rakish Scottish baron commissions her to do his portrait, and she feels she is one step closer. When Robin, Lord Stanberry, with whom Charity has had a long friendship, asks her to marry him, she must choose between marriage and her career. She refuses him for he is heir to a dukedom, and Charity fears that not only would she be unsuited to life as a duchess, but also that her burgeoning career might end before it begins. And besides, Robin has made no mention of love.

Due to tragic unforeseen circumstances, Robin is now the Duke of Harwood. Robin feels himself unfitted for such a position. He was perfectly content living as a Viscount in Tunbridge Wells, writing a manuscript on ornithology. He’d hoped to have Charity at his side by the time he took his place at Harwood Castle, for her pragmatic nature and strength of character would be of enormous help to him. Should he have thrown himself at her feet and declared an undying love? Charity would have seen through it, for that was not the sort of friendship they enjoyed. But her refusal has brought him lower than he’d thought possible. Could he change her mind, despite the distance that now lay between them?


The Seduction of Lady Charity by Maggi Andersen

Reviewed by ARRA

Lady Charity Baxendale is an artist, and a good one. She is very much beloved by her father, mother and sisters. Charity is also the fourth youngest sister and her father has given up trying to get his daughters to marry who he wants and lets them marry for love.
Robin is Charity’s childhood friend. He is also a Viscount who inherits a dukedom. Before his departure to the dukedom’s seat, Robin proposes to Charity. She rejects him as she feels that he needs time to adjust to being the duke. But there is a glitch in the system when a possible heir turns up. As he is trying to learn more about his new role, he misses Charity, and stops writing her letters to cause some reaction. There is a reaction but not what he expects.
Charity and her family are in the area and visit. Charity hears that Robin is ‘almost’ engaged and decides to back off. Fortunately for Charity her father is in her corner and gives Robin some advice on how to win her.
I like how these stories have developed and the involvement of the whole family in each other’s lives. There are not too many series that do this. It is great to see there is little angst between the sisters and the parents which makes the stories flow. I have really enjoyed these stories and will now have to wait patiently for Mercy’s story.


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Book One The Baxendale Sisters

Book One

Freedom. That’s all Lady Honor Baxendale wants—for her sisters and for herself. Honor has a bold plan to become financially independent, using a skill she learned at her father’s knee. She seeks the help of a solicitor and is pleased with her choice…as long as she can resist the solicitor himself. 
Lord Edward Winborne has been happy to come to the aid of his four sisters in the past. But when a neighbor’s daughter, Lady Honor Baxendale, requests his help for a dangerous scheme she has in mind, he feels it his duty to dissuade her. When that fails, he wants to protect her, and then somehow finds he wants to do more. Much more.

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Lady Faith Takes a Leap – The Baxendale Sisters

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Book Two




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Captain Nicholas Bonham of Wellington’s Peninsular Regiment, the 52nd Light Infantry, returns from fighting the Napoleonic wars to see his brother laid to rest. A skilled rider, George’s death remains a mystery, as does the parlous state of his finances. Debenham Park must be sold unless Nicholas can find a swift solution.

George’s former fiancée, Miss Caroline Mirringham, harbors a secret. She has trusted no man except her father and George, and now considers her future to be a desolate one. When her father proposes that Caroline marry Nicholas, she is filled with horror. The captain is nothing like his amiable brother. He looks altogether too strong and harsh. He would demand far more from her than she could give.




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Diary of a Painted Lady OTHER SITES



Praise for Maggi Andersen

THE RELUCTANT MARQUESS :Readers will love the delightful tale of love in an arranged marriage. As troubles buffet the new couple and their love is tested, readers will be rooting for them to make it through. Entertainment At Its Best—A Quick And Charming Story!”– RT BOOK REVIEWS THE FOLLY AT FALCONBRIDGE HALL: The author deserves high praise for her ability to capture the reader’s attention and engage one in both the mystery and the romance of this delightful story!” -Margaret Faria InD’Tale Magazine A BARON IN HER BED : Andersen’s first Spies of Mayfair novel is a romance that shows the darker aspect of the Regency. There is a nice mystery, with some captivating secondary characters, plenty of action and a hero and heroine that play well off each other.”  -RT BOOK REVIEWS Maggi banner2 200x200