In her first Season, Hope Baxendale attracts the interest of a powerful English duke, the husband all debutantes wish for and some will fight dirty to get. If only the handsome Frenchman Daniel Brienne, Duc du Ténèbres wasn’t distracting her from her course. Daniel shows little interest in marrying again, and surely, it is only the sadness in his deep brown eyes that pulls her to him:

Daniel yearns for solitude. When his very existence is threatened, he wakes to the possibilities of a life passionately lived. He knows just whom he wants in his future, but the weary hawk, the Duke of Winslow, circles. And is it fair to ask Hope to leave her family and her country for him?

Review: Delightful Series!
Amazon reviewer:
Such a wonderful engaging tale! I wish that I could stay with them even more :)

Goodreads reader:
I have read most of Maggi Andersen's series, and find the Baxendale Sisters an engaging but individual group of girls, plagued by parents at their wits end to obtain suitable, even noble, marriages for their daughters. Not an easy task in Regency England where refusing a proposal of marriage could make a girl appear to be toying with a gentleman's affections and therefore shunned by the marriage market.

Miss Andersen finds her way through the restrictive life of the Regency lady with skill, while her heroes are just that, handsome, raffish, sometimes emotionally repressed young men who take on England's enemies in secret missions abroad with the approval of the government, all of which serves as a stark and exciting contrast to the tea room where the ladies preside.

Hope and her Duke are kept apart by a series of misunderstandings, suppressed feelings and the ambitions of others, and an unexpected turn of events in the form of one female relative of Hope's dashing French Duke who is determined to break away from high society in order to follow her own path, culminating in a satisfactory conclusion for all, which is the main requirement of any Regency romance.

Amazon review: 5 Stars! Maggi Andersen has an engaging style. I recommend this historical romance without reservation.

Praise for Maggi Andersen


THE RELUCTANT MARQUESS : "Readers will love the delightful tale of love in an arranged marriage. As troubles buffet the new couple and their love is tested, readers will be rooting for them to make it through. Entertainment At Its Best—A Quick And Charming Story!"- RT BOOK REVIEWS

THE FOLLY AT FALCONBRIDGE HALL: The author deserves high praise for her ability to capture the reader's attention and engage one in both the mystery and the romance of this delightful story!" -Margaret Faria InD’Tale Magazine

A BARON IN HER BED : Andersen’s first Spies of Mayfair novel is a romance that shows the darker aspect of the Regency. There is a nice mystery, with some captivating secondary characters, plenty of action and a hero and heroine that play well off each other."  -RT BOOK REVIEWS

LADY HONOR'S DEBT - The Baxendale sisters Series, Book One. "This reader looks forward to reading the next installment in this delightful series."  Belinda Wilson, InD'Tale Magazine.

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